Sector-leading experts

Dr Helen Mitchell

Helen is an accomplished consultant to the global food and pharmaceutical industry with over 30 years’ experience of novel and functional food ingredients.

She is an industry expert in replacement ingredients for sugar, salt and fat and the development of “healthier” food products and dietary supplements. Helen has published over 100 peer-reviewed articles and food science/technology handbooks.

Steve Thornill

Steve is an experienced commercial and corporate finance professional. He has been involved in developing a number of businesses to exit, including a media business and two logistics businesses. He has invested in 5 distribution and manufacturing businesses in the UK and also five start-ups which are progressing to launch.

Dr Simon Poole

Simon, MBBS DRCOG FBMA MIANE is a primary care physician in Cambridge, England with a particular interest in lifestyle medicine and nutrition as well as the management of long-term medical conditions.

He has taught and undertaken research with Cambridge University and is a founding member of the British and European

Associations of Lifestyle Medicine. Simon is a council member of The US True Health Initiative, an International Senior Collaborator with the Global Centre for Nutrition and Health in Cambridge and was awarded Fellowship of the British Medical Association for services to the profession in 2018 which included longstanding membership of Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners and Public Health Medicine Committee.

Simon is a recognised international authority and speaker on lifestyle medicine, chairing the Food Values Conference series at the Pontifical Academy of Science of The Vatican, and the author of the award-winning book The Olive Oil Diet (2016, Hachette) and The Real Mediterranean Diet (2021, Cambridge Academic).

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